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FSX Multiplayer Server

Direct Connect IP Address:

FSX without GameSpy

The GameSpy connection service for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) multiplayer was shut down on December 6, 2012.  It's official - GameSpy will no longer support FSX.

FSX multiplayer users can still connect to FSX multiplayer sessions by using the DIRECT CONNECT method.  To learn more about Direct Connect, read the RealFsx Guide  & watch this video.

RealFsx Checklist

* * * * READ ME * * * *
✓ Flight Simulator X installed
✓ FSX SP1 & SP2 or Accel installed
✓ Have a functioning microphone
✓ TeamSpeak3 installed - download
✓ Read RealFsx guide -  view

Gliders (spawners) and F-18s (reckless players)
are auto kicked for the good of the majority

Weekly ATC Events

Full Tower Thursday

5pm - 8pmUTC - 4
Multiple controllers at one airport

Crowed Skies Saturday

5pm - 8pmUTC - 4
Controllers at multiple airports

April - ATC of the Month

★ ★ Ryan aka twoninerninertwo ★ ★

This month's ATC service recognition goes to Ryan - Congratulations!
The core of our ATC program, Ryan has volunteered countless hours in training,
documentation, special event planning and management.
From all of us at RealFsx - Thank you Ryan!
Nominations are based on service quality & logged hours

New to FSX Multiplayer ?

Multiplayer sessions can be enjoyable, relaxing and a fun past time. It only takes a group of courteous people that enjoy flight simulations! If you're new to FSX multiplayer please read the RealFsx Guide for useful instructions. Watch the 'HOW-TO' direct connect to FSX video - view.

Guidelines are necessary in the session or it would quickly turn into chaos. With that in mind, players disrupting the simulation will be ejected from the session for the sake of the majority. If you get kicked, don't take it personally. Join again and ask why you were kicked when the admin isn't busy.

RealFsx Mission Statement

RealFsx is a MS Flight Simulator X multiplayer server that strives to offer an inclusive quality flight simulation to the FSX community with a realistic and relaxed environment.   

Whether you're a beginner to FSX multiplayer or a real pilot you can have a good time without pushy controllers spoiling your fun.  

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